5 Unique Adventures in Myanmar

5 Unique Adventures in Myanmar

Myanmar boasts unique culture and landscapes which differs very much for its neighbors. The country is more and more opening for tourist these days. While many people are attracted by the famous sites like Bagan, Yangon; these 5 unique adventures are something you should not miss: 

Diving in Mergui Archipelago

Imagine you are adventuring amongst 800 wild islands in southern Myanmar, spotting the pristine marine life that still under the tourism radar… imagine Mergui !
The archipelago is home to the most beautiful diving sites in the country. The azure waterfall with rich underwater life is so inspiring for any marine adventurer. 
There are also many secluded Myanmar beaches for your own
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Spotting Chin State Hill Tribe

The most special thing about Chin state hill tribe is their tradition of tattooing their faces. In the old days, it remarks their protection and the tradition is no longer exist amongst the generation. This is the reason why you should see them now before it vanishes.
Another reason that Chin state lures your curiosity is its wilderness. If you are a nature lover, you will not miss the chance to behold the untamed mountain with mild weather in such a tropical country.

Photography Adventure in Inle Lake

No matter you are an amateur of professional photographer, Inle has something to offer you. From overwhelming lake culture to picturesque landscape it boasts, there are so many photogenic chances you can get in this place. Many Myanmar Photo Tours sets stops in Inle for notable Inthar fishermen, floating villages and Phang Daw Oo festival. 

Motorcycling on Burma Trail

There is not better site to hit the road of Myanmar than the well-known road called Burma Trail which links Mandalay to Ruili China.  Many parts of the roads are still unpaved. This means your adventure is like no other. 
What you should expect on this road includes : friendly local encounter, hidden cascading waterfall, old British colonial buildings, spectacular local plantation and grand mountains.
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Balloon Over Bagan

You may have to wake up early to enjoy this experience but it is really worth. Balloon in Bagan provides you nothing but an incredible view when the sun breaks the dawn over some 2,500 pagodas and temples. You will fly over Irrawaddy river, shooting the panorama of the area from a basket. 
This luxury excursion lasts for 3 hours in the morning giving you the best of Bagan in style !
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Need more inspiration?

If you are seeking for a life time adventure, head to Naga land where the time still. This is one of the last frontier areas with sealed culture of local hill tribes.
For those who fancy beaches, head to Dawei. It treasures sandy beaches, colonial town, and exotic fishing villages. Though you may not have world class resort but beach front bungalow at reasonable price will please you very much.


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