Hpa An Attractions

Hpa An Attractions

Hpa An is the capital of the Karen State, and it has a distinct environment of a traditional town. This town used to be quite remote and almost a forgotten place until recent upgradations of roads to this area. Hpa An is more like a disheveled habitat – considering the architecture of its buildings. But the thing that really makes it captivating is the natural guise of the place.
It can be a real pleasure for tourists to hang around this place. Hpa An has many appealing sites which will surely give you a ravishing experience; you just need to know the right places. Given below in this article is a list of things one must do in Hpa An.

hpa an cave
                                                                                                   Photo credit: Johan Holweda- Flickr

Saddar Cave

Among the serrated limestone mountains is the spectacular Saddar cave which takes you beneath the mountains for a breathtaking sight of Mother Nature. After reaching the far side of the mountain, you can take a wooden boat for a revitalizing cruise back to the starting.

Shweyinhmyaw Pagoda

This is the most prevalent attraction of Hpa An, found in the center of the town. Enfolded in the waters of Than Lwin/Salween River is a magnificent series of platforms made of stones. Enjoy your tour watching the serene shrines and ancient stupas while you walk among the majestic abode of platforms and stairways.

 Kan Thar Yar Lake

A relishing stroll can be experienced around the Kan Thar Yar Lake. This lake is situated in the Southern part of Hpa An. In the Northwest of the lake is the School Road which provides gorgeous outlooks of the lake furrowed with lush green trees. The limestone rocks visible on the surface of the gleaming waters makes an eye-catching scenery worth capturing in your cameras.

Hpa An Morrning Market

Although the town is full of composure, if you go deeper in the streets of the town, there is much more buzz to be found than you can imagine. Saunter into the streets in the morning and be a part of the colorful and lively market of Hpa An. There are lots of scrumptious local foods and dishes as well as small stalls.

Kayin State Cultural Museum

Museums are something amusing to the eyes; the Kayin State Museum is much more than that.  It is a well-kept secret and all its wonders are preserved in its own realm. Only the lucky ones get to see and appreciate the marvelous museum located on the Zwegabin Street. 


Set off for a trip in the massive limestone ridges in Zwegabin. The jagged formations at a height of 725 meters in really a grand creation of nature. Venture in the area with a good guide and get to know the interesting facts about the place.

Kyauk Kalat Pagoda

This wonder is a stupa-shaped pinnacle of limestone surrounded by monastic edifices; the place is a setting in between a lake with white egrets cascading above it. Get in with a beautiful cruise to the pagoda and get back to the shores while the sun sets behind the pagoda, leaving it glistening in the shadows.

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