Top Things To Do In Yangon

Top Things To Do In Yangon

Whether you will spend few days in Yangon or settle for long-term, Yangon has a range of activites on offer from the culture visit to fun-packed interaction. 

Ride a Circle Train

This is one of the most unique tourist experience. The Circle train operates on a 50 km loop around Yangon. Apart from the rural scenery, the sounds of life from villages to open markets are the main draw for it. You can jump off at any station to have a try local food and probably water buffalo swimming in a pond during the rainy season.

Follow the Buddhism Pilgrimage

In Yangon, there are numbers of pagodas and temple where local people come to pray and practice Buddhism. These sites are the perfect places to learn about Buddhism in Myanmar.
Recommended site: Chaukhtatgyi pagoda, known for the huge reclining Budda statue ; Sule Pagoda, etc...

Morning Market Visit

Located in downtown of Yangon, there are many morning markets in different corners. There are everything you need to cook a delicious Burmese food in the market: fresh-caught fishes, green vegetables, meat, indigrents and many stalls are in open air. 
The morning market also witness the monks passing by to collect the alms.

Taste something different in Yangon

We recommend you to try Myanmar Salad, especially Lahpethoke. This salad is special because is is made from the fermented tealeaf which I believe you may not see it elsewhere in the world. 
For drinks, Yangoners often have drinks at their typical Teashops. Sweet coffee and tea are the most common drinks throughout the country. Importantly, you can watch the street or enjoy some views from the shop.

Wear like a local

In Yangon, ladies can wear thanaka, which is a sandalwood paste that acts as a sunscreen and controls oil – most local women won’t leave home without it.
Men can wear a longyi, a one-piece wrap-around cloth. But there’s no buttons, zippers or ties so be sure you practice well !

See Shwedagon at Dawn

There is no doubt that your visit to Yangon is incomplete without visiting Shwedagon Pagoda. The photo above has something to say about its magnificient. 

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